Garden at Dusk ( 100 x 80 cm )


Starting from old masters, nature or photos I try to create an image that invites to be touched by colour, movement and composition. Some parts of the screen are blurred and others sharply defined. I lead the eye across a landscape, a war scene, an entanglement of bodies and plants, a group in motion, a dilapidated building or interior. Recognizable and abstract, chaotic and constructive at the same time.



Grezstraat 24 3054 Vaalbeek (Oud-Heverlee)

Prosperdreef 9 – 3054  Vaalbeek (Oud-Heverlee)


Vakoverschrijdend atelier SLAC o.l.v. Marc Horemans

Hogere graad en specialisatie Schilderkunst SLAC o.l.v. Hilde Overbergh, Wannes Lecompte , Harlinde De Mol en Quinten Ingelaere.